A stylist’s seniority and level of experience is reflected in our pricing structure. We are aware that some clients are price sensitive, so it’s essential that we work with stylists who reflect our standards to deliver beautiful signature haircuts at the right price.
Fringe trims are complimentary, non-bookable & subject to availability.

Women £49.90 to £55.00
  • Individually Crafted Haircuts
  • Thoughtful Consultations
  • Cleanse, Condition, Styling
Haircut & Treatment £89.00
  • Includes 2 take-home products
  • Personalised after hair consultation
  • Ideal as a special occasion gift
Men £49.90 to £55.00
  • Tailored Haircuts
  • Cleanse, Condition and Finish
  • After care advice
Blow Dry £29.90
  • Including all Hair Products
  • Applies to all Hair Lengths
  • Effective Homecare Advice
Children and Teenagers £24.90
  • If parent or guardian a salon client
  • No colour services under sixteen
  • Home haircare advice
Straightening £29.90 to £35.00
  • Shampoo and Conditioning
  • Straightening Protection Products
  • Straightening


Colour prices are established upon consultation due to the level of expert technical work involved.

A complimentary blow dry is included with all colour services. 

Colour Safety. No colour service can be performed on clients who have not been skin tested. If you have never had permanent colour with us before, we recommend you visit the salon to have a skin test to identify any allergic reactions 48 hours prior to any colouring service.

Please call to arrange a suitable time. This service is complimentary. 

We are unable to carry out colour work on clients under the age of 16. 

Highlights £65 to £99
  • A Touch of Nature
  • A Touch of Vibrancy
  • A Touch of Sun
Flying Colours £35 to £49
  • Individual Colour Placement
  • Creates Movement with Colour
  • For a quick commitment to change
Organic Vegetable Colour £49
  • No Ammonia or Peroxide
  • Covers a small amount of Grey
  • Washes out evenly and completely
Personalised Toner £26.00
  • To Retain Vibrancy and Shine
  • To Refresh and Revive faded Colour
  • Preserve Depth & Seals Pigment
Lowlights £59 to £99
  • Natural Tones Combined
  • Luminous Shine
  • A Combination of Colour Tones
Root Tint from £49
  • Covers One Hundred Percent Grey
  • Gives Vibrancy, Depth & Tone
  • Incredible Surface Shine
Bleach and Toner £65 to £79
  • Full Circle Approach
  • Courteous & Trusted Experts
  • Natural or Beyond Natural
Colouring Product Used
  • Wella
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Organic Colour
Warm lights £59 to £99
  • Gives an intensified result
  • Darkens, Richens or Lightens
  • Diffused Colour Finish


Semi-Permanent £39
  • Ammonia Free Formulation
  • Blends First Greys
  • Lasts up to 8 shampoos
Colour Change or Correction
  • Complete colour change
  • Blonde to Brunette
  • Price on Consultation


Perming & Volume £95 to £125
  • Adds volume and body to fine hair
  • Corkscrew or Tendrill curls
  • Weave Perm for Wave Texture


With any cutting and styling service add an instant treatment for £10.

Instant Treatment 15 mins £10.00
  • Purified and blended ingredients
  • Instantly enhanced and refreshed
  • Smooth, Volume, Shine, Repair Mask
Colour Enhance Treatment £17.50
  • Refresh or revive faded Colour
  • Blended specifically for each Client
  • Incredible Vibrancy and Shine
Protein Treatment 45 mins £30.00
  • Penetrates into Hair Shaft
  • Prevents chemical damage 
  • Protien, Fig, Oat, Sea Kelp, & Karite
Hydrating Treatment 20 mins £15.00
  • Age Defying Formulation
  • Rejuvenates Sun Damage 
  • Youthful, Shiny and amazing aroma
Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment £25.00
  • Personally Blended
  • Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
  • Following Prescriptive Consultation
3 Step Treatment 45 mins £30.00
  • Cleanser, Balm and Scalp Tonic
  • For Ageing, Fragile or Thinning Hair
  • Micro-Algae Extract
Restorative Scalp Treatment £15.00
  • Deep Conditioning Scalp Mask
  • Scalp massage and Shampoo
  • Not booked with Chemical Services
Morrocan Oil Hydrating Mask  £25.00
  • Intense Hydrating Mask
  • Ideal for Heavy or Greying Hair
  • Restoring Shine & Manageability
Aromatherapy Head Massage £ 10.00
  • Wild Ginger & Manula Oil
  • Hydration & protective antioxidants
  • A Treatment for Optimum Results


Courtney do not differentiate prices based on gender.

We charge the same for mens services as women.

Nail services, using natural fragrances & tinctures of spices.

Change the way you think about hair, hand and foot care.

Book a Manicure and Pedicure alongside your haircut.

Haircut | £49.90 – £55.00
  • Recommended every six weeks
  • Thoughtful Consultation
  • Aftercare Advice
Aromatherapy Manicure | £32.00
  • A blend of Essential Oils & Seed Oils
  • Time durations varies accordingly
  • Ancient Aromatherapy principles
Colour prices on consultation
  • Light Reflecting Colour
  • Precise Colour Placement
  • Texturising Colour
Aromatherapy Pedicure | £32.00
  • For a variety of skin conditions
  • We steam the skin with hot towels
  • Providing comfort & relaxation
Treatments | £10.00 – £30.00
  • Blended specifically for men
  • ‘Ayurvedic hair & scalp treatments
  • Protein Advanced Hair Therapy
Manicure & Pedicure | £59.00
  • Incorporating Reflexology principles
  • Prescriptive Oils
  • One Hundred Percent Natural

If you would like a transformation, such as blonde to brunette, or removing unwanted colour and tones, please ask for a complimentary consultation and quotation. 


Add volume or body to fine hair. Waves, movement or completely change your look with corkscrew curls.
Please book a complimentary consultation to ensure that your hair is suitable for perming.



There’s nothing more indulgent than a foot spa treatment to take the wonder of Winter to its next level. 

“The human foot is a master of engineering and a work of art”  Leonardo da Vinci.

Your feet are precious, they carry you miles in the journey of life. The practice of using a combination of essential oils, seed oils and massage, and the age-old benefits they impart to mind, body and soul, are tailored to pamper the rough cracked flaky skin on your feet.

Step one: Soak your feet in the essence of plants. Each season has its own unique allure. Tinctures of spices, brisk winter pine, aromatic spring lavender, or drenched in the fragrance of summer wild flowers. 

Choose from an enticing floral blend to promote confidence and inner peace, or the exotic spice blend evoking an oriental ambience, improving mental clarity and invigorating strength, or the sensual blend capturing a sense of bliss. 

A glass of spa water infused with slices of fresh cucumber, wild carrot or citrus fruits, adds a pleasing hydrating note.

Step two: Careful exfoliation choosing either invigorating, detoxifying, or relaxing crystals of Cornish Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan gem like salts, blended with Golden Olive Oil, abundant in Vitamin E, or a citrusy Mediterranean foot scrub, gently exfoliates unsightly skin, banishing dry or flaky skin, helping relieve blocked energy flow and toxins, and promotes physical and psychological health.

Step three: A foot massage infused with aromatic foot oils enriched with Calendula and Almond extracts, finished with a fragrant hot towel wrap, maximises the hydration and seals in the goodness, leaving your feet velvety soft and supple, liberating the neglected soles.

This treatment is excellent for relieving stress, reducing headaches, acidity and indigestion, improving circulation, helping insomnia and those with arthritic pain. Akin to the principles of Reflexology.

Not suitable for children, pregnant mothers or after a meal.


INSTANT | Your hair is instantly calmed and nourished by using purified and blended ingredients in their most natural form. Hair is instantly improved and refreshed. Choose Smooth, Volume, Shine, or Repair 15 mins.

HYDRATING LUXURY | Whatever your hair problems, whatever your age, our formulation rejuvenates areas which are affected by sun damage, and the ageing process. This high concentration of active ingredients leaves your hair looking youthful, shiny and smells amazing. 20 mins.

COLOUR ENHANCE | Coloured hair needs special care to ensure it retains its vibrancy and shine. 

This personalised formula is ideal for those who need to refresh or revive faded colour between visits. It preserves colour depth and seals in colour pigment. It is blended specifically for each client to maintain long-lasting colour. Ideal for those who are rushed for time or those who prefer not to have hair colour applied too often. This treatment gives an incredible natural vibrancy and shine. 

AGE PREVENT | A three step process: Turn Back Time: Renewed energy for ageing, fragile, or thinning hair. Combining nourishing botanical extracts with unique technology, to help combat the signs of ageing hair. This exciting new hair therapy system rebalances and rehabilitates the scalp, creating the optimum environment for the growth of healthy hair 

Micro-Algae Extract, clinically proven to strengthen and thicken hair, helps to promote healthy hair growth and prevent thinning and hair loss. Green Coffee, rich in Caffeine and Cacao energise & stimulate the scalp to help boost circulation. 

Katite & NMF nourish, hydrate and protect both hair & scalp. This unique formulation helps with thinning, damaged, dry, frizzy, brittle, lack-lustre colour, or unruly white hairs. 

A colour safe formula free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, waxes & mineral oils. 

Electron Acceptor Technology, combines powerful antioxidants to combat free-radical attack, helping to prevent damage to both hair & scalp. This treatment is sulphates parabens, paraffin, waxes, synthetic dyes, or allergens, mineral oils, sodium and chloride free. 45 mins

Step One | Cleanser: Blue lotus to stimulate circulation, micro algae extract, semetic clay gently removes impurities from hair, green coffee, green tea, fire tulip karile for fragile or thinning hair. 

This treatment is sulphates, parabens, paraffin, waxes, synthetic dyes, or allergens, mineral oils, sodium and chloride free.

Step Two | Balm: Tamarind extract protects and nourishes, leaving your hair looking thicker, softer, radiant and revitalised. Helps to restore strength & reduce breakage.

Step Three | Scalp Tonic: Scalp active leave in treatment. Rebalance and rehabilitate the scalp. Enhanced with a higher concentration of Micro-Algae Extracts for maximum effectiveness, enriched with Boswella and Allantoin to sooth and heal the scalp. This treatment can be used daily with Cleanser and Balm to further enhance and maintain effectiveness

AROMATHERAPY SCALP | This treatment is blended based on the individual’s needs at the initial consultation.

MOROCCANOIL HYDRATING MASK | A rich, creamy treatment designed to hydrate and help repair damaged hair. With continued use, this highly effective mask revitalises the hair, restoring shine and manageability. 30 mins

ADVANCED HAIR THERAPY PROTEIN | This hair treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft to help prevent damage caused by chemicals and other environmental elements, like wind and sun. 

This treatment uses purified protein, giving a refreshed and replenished appearance. Keratin, Fig, Oat, Sea Kelp, Green Tea & Karite. A unique formula ideal for those with fragile, damaged, porous and sensitised hair, and those who have chemical services on a regular basis. 45 mins

RESTORATIVE SCALP | Includes deep conditioning scalp mask, massage and personalised shampoo and conditioner. This treatment cannot be booked with colour or perming services. 30 mins

PROTEIN FOR HAIR AND SCALP | Thermal styling & environmental exposure can lead to dull, dehydrated frizzy hair. This treatment includes cold pressed, Wild Ginger and wild harvested Manula Oil, delivering deep hydration and protective antioxidants.

A course of regular treatments is required for optimum results.


An exclusive Salon venue; perfect for a multitude of occasions and events. We can also produce and cater buffet lunches, launches, receptions and shoots.

Special events, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries or just for Fun

Ideal for your special day together with a salon hostess and Champagne on arrival.  £1250.00

Nearby 5 star self-catering accommodation sleeping up to 10 is also available when booked with this package. 

Personalised blow-dry session; A lesson, in how to blow-dry your own hair at home, working with your own equipment. A hands-on practical session to help you recreate natural and liberated results at home. £35

Gift Voucher Service available. Please call or email us for further information.